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Flo S. Jenkins

Words That Flo!... 
Editorial Consultancy Services

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Words That Flo!...Editorial Consultancy Services

looks forward to bringing the Power & Heart/Spirit of  your words to life!

Welcome to all who have stories to tell, something to say, and who need editorial expertise in resolving their dilemma.

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Revision & Proofreading
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Flo Jenkins is an award-winning writer/editor-editorial consultant—a consummate communicator—with an extensive and successful background spanning a variety of industries from entertainment, to advertising and promotions, education, health, non-profit, and staffing. Many authors have benefited from her skills.

Some, unseasoned before adding her editorial skills to their literary projects, have become very successful, appearing on national TV shows, including Oprah, Dr. Phil, The View, as well as numerous local and worldwide communications outlets and programs. 

Editorial and Writing Background includes:Executive Editor: Right On! Magazine (brought publication to national/international recognition); Executive Editor: The Soul and Jazz Record Magazine (first Black music publication); Editor-in-Chief/Consultant: Dance Mogul Magazine  (Dance Magazine)

New Books Available Now! 

Telling Our Stories Ourselves

         Why wait for your story to be told by others?...

Told, then packaged -- like a product -- and sold back to YOU for you to then purchase with excitement like a prize someone else gave you! No! Only you can be the master storyteller of your life -- so tell it now. Or, someone else will -- and the story "they" tell will probably be a misrepresentation of who you really are or were, and the life you lead."


Hello, My Name Is Erma 

 Erma Jean Jenkins, with mild cerebral palsy and some mental dysfunction, is classified as one with "special needs". But "Aren't we all?" is what Erma surely thinks and knows. This is her first book - together with her sister, Flo S. Jenkins, who helps Erma "translate" her too-often misunderstood words and feelings into words. Erma is the sister to adoring siblings and is admired by a multitude of nieces, nephews, cousins, and friends.


“I must express gratitude to my mentor, editor and publisher, Flo S. Jenkins, of Words That Flo!...Editorial Consultancy Services and GoodJenks Publishing Group. I am grateful not only for her confidence, support, and hard work, but it was her admonition for me to write an article promoting my first book, A Scriptural Perspective on Reparations, that led to the article morphing into this book.”
C. Mark Hollomon
Author, The Godly Principle of Self-Interest: Steppingstone to Intra and Inter Racial Harmony



"To Flo Jenkins, my editor, I give heartfelt thanks for her professional, personalized, patient polishing. Discovering what she thought to be a gem of shape and texture that differed from any she had seen before, Flo first took the time to thoroughly understand what she was looking at. Her intent was to consistently be aware of every facet and nuance of the work, then editorially support what I, as author, wanted the material to radiate. Flo then invited me to work right alongside her, beveling and polishing, until its essence gleamed on the surface and glowed from within.”
Marc Frederic (Mr. Whimsy)
Author, Beyond the Great Oak Doors


“I don’t get the chance to name everyone, but I have to acknowledge my editor, mentor, and friend, Flo Jenkins. When we met, you saw a young man with a young, raw project, and you not only edited the book, but you believed in it, and you believed in me. Thank you, Flo! Even after the editing was done, you have continued to work diligently to help me become a better writer, a bigger resource for our community, and a published author by the age of 26! Thank you! Thank you, Flo! We got this “brain baby” out!
D.Haynes The Author
Author, Wanna Hide Something From a N*gga, Put It In a Book





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